Customer Review: Easy Motion Neo Jumper 650B

February 18, 2014

The following is an excerpt from an unsolicited review from our customer, Duc, an experienced mountain biker in Southern California.

I have been riding this bike hard the last couple of days just to test it out, and the bike seems to perform very well. It is much heavier than the regular mountain bike, comparing to my 2012 top fuel 9.8. However, with the support of the battery, I can travel further distance. Note that I have it on 'Eco' setting almost 95% of the time.

Last weekend, I took the bike out for a 54.5 mile ride, and I still have roughly 25% battery left.

Attached are some pictures that I took of the bike on a trail near my house. I was able to take the hills much easier while pedaling quite a bit. With my other bike, I have never have a tough time taking those hills, but it was much easier with this bike of course. What this bike does for is giving me an extra amount of time to recover without cheating too much. Eco is the mode that I have it on most, if not entirely, of the time.

Thanks for a pleasant shopping experience at your shop.


Check out the Neo Jumper 650B with the new ~33% longer range 12ah battery!

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