Why E-Bike?

1. Power Assist Cycling for Hills, Headwinds and Distance

Use our unique high torque drive systems, along with good old fashioned leg power effectively flatten hills and overcome headwinds. This boosted sensation of cycling with widens your horizon, allowing you to take in the sights more while smoothing out stresses.

2. Sweat Less

An electric bike allows you to arrive at your destination fashionably fresh. Many e-bikers enjoy a perspiration free, motor assisted ride on their commute to work and the benefits of a traditional bicycle workout on their way home.

3. Low Running Costs

The electricity to charge an e-bike is so cheap as to be basically irrelevant. Electric bike costs should also be compared to other vehicles, where an electric bike replaces car mileage, registration, insurance and parking costs. You’ll find that an e-bike will pay for itself in months.

4. It’s Assistive, but it’s Still a Bicycle

Skip the DMV, auto insurance and all the rest of the baggage that comes with cars and scooters. For legislative purposes, an electric bicycle is treated like an ordinary bicycle (although helmets are required for speed pedelecs). In fact, many governments, businesses and institutions are encouraging the purchase of electric bikes with incentives and providing new and green infrastructure for cycling. There’s no compulsion to do anything but enjoy yourself.

5. Clean & Green

Electric bikes consumes about 1 kWh for 62 miles. At an average rate of 100 – 150W of electric energy, the electric bike consumes a hundred times less energy than a car in urban environments. An electric bike achieves close to 1,000 MPGe, there is no other commercially available motorized vehicle can even comes close to what an electric bicycle can do.

6. Faster Travel

In theory a car can average high speeds, but in practice speeds often fall below 10 miles per hour in cities. The problem is congestion. Take full advantage of ever expanding cycle networks and facilities to realize faster door-to-door journey times more than any other transport mode.

7. Fitness

That a conventional bike will keep you fitter is merely conventional notion. Research has shown that half of conventional bikes are used only once or twice a week and less than 1/3 are being used twice a month. By contrast, a recent survey of electric bicycle owners reveals that 1/3 ride their bike at least once a day and 81% use the bike at least once a week. The figures confirm our experience that an electric bike typically gets used at least twice as often as a conventional machine.

Because cycling an electric bike is so much more enjoyable in hilly country, against strong winds and while carrying heavy loads, riders tend to frequent make use of them. Constant and light exercise has been proven to be greatly beneficial to health.

8. Genuinely Sustainable

Electric bicycles can be made genuinely sustainable. Recharging the battery from a ‘green’ source, or when you generate your own electricity with solar or wind will bring an e-bike's fuel consumption to zero. Transportation makes up a quarter of world CO2 emissions and transportation is one of the most important areas where an individual can make a change.

9. We use it and we love to show it

We are committed to breaking stale perceptions of commuting by encouraging greater use of electric transport for environmental and health reasons. We continually look to improving our selection and tailor the bikes for your requirements and we ride our bikes through the toughest conditions possible. Simply put, we are committed to bringing you the best modern alternative transportation.

10. Fun & Simple

It just feels good to be cycling, outdoors in the sun, with the wind rushing by, without the strain, discovering the sights and sounds. It's the feeling of being able to do more than you possibly could, it's the freedom of mobility!